my offer: experience and passion
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Working in this industry since 2012, I've been there from the very beginning. 

I've been in charge of plenty of young talents throughout the YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok cosmos with focus on various topics such as music, travel, fashion, lifestyle, gaming, technology and motorsports. My aim is and always has been to be a trusted advisor first and a business partner second and with that, I created a comprehensive network of influencers, music artists and big brands through the whole German and also European market.

My work includes PR, event management, mentoring, content production and, most importantly, marketing. 

I develop authentic ideas for brands and hand-pick the best fitting influencers for your message. As a full service agent, I carry out the campaign and take care of controlling and monitoring it from start to finish. 

As an expert in this field I advise companies of all sizes on how make the most impact.

If you are an aspiring artist in need of guidance, feel free to get in touch, too.